NF Research Initiative

GeM Consortium

Working Groups

Within our GeM Consortium, we have three working groups, which include representatives from our member institutions.

The working groups include Oncology & Pathology, Genomics & Informatics, and Publications & Data Sharing.
These groups will work together to produce and share a rich database of clinical and genomic data.

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Oncology & pathology

The Oncology & Pathology group will determine the detailed-level of specimen processing and immunostaining. Members will also be involved in tumor board collaboration for difficult or ambiguous cases.

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Genomics & informatics

The Genomics & Informatics group will determine the depth of genomic sequencing and the methods of genomic characterization. The group will also decide on the type of data analysis to be used.


Publications & Data Sharing

The Publications & Data Sharing group will determine the path to publication. This group will be involved in the vetting of publication proposals, as well the creation of an authorship plan.